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Melissa Dragon, EsquireMelissa Sindeband Dragon, Esquire

As the founder of the first holistic family law practice in Massachusetts, Melissa serves as strategic visionary and chief litigator.

Melissa uses her legal talent as an advocate to help empower men and women at difficult crossroads in their lives in order to bring them closer to financial independence and emotional tranquility. She brings to bear considerable litigation and negotiation skills to obtain the most favorable results possible for her clients.

Beyond the legal work she does for clients, Melissa also pays close attention to the emotional challenges that clients and in some cases, their children, face. She applies her extensive experience whenever possible or appropriate to ensure her client’s health and safety throughout the process. Melissa recognizes that while almost any attorney can calculate an equitable property division or support order; compassionate understanding and encouraging support can make a real difference in how a client is able to manage the chaos and emotional stress divorce can bring to their life and the lives of those they love. In the past, she has called upon such resources as a divorce support group in the client’s local area, as well as a financial advisor, therapist, mortgage originator and/or nutritionist.

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Melissa looks forward to assisting you with your family law needs and can be reached by email at You can also connect with Melissa on LinkedIn.


Karen BengerKaren Alexanian Benger, Esquire – Associate

Karen has practiced law and litigated highly contested cases for 14 years.  In December 1997,  she was admitted to the practice of law in Massachusetts while working for Finbury, Sullivan, and Benger, P.C., and in 2003 she became a partner.  She concentrated her practice in all areas of domestic relations law; however, she also handled a variety of general litigation matters.  She regularly practiced in Essex County, as well as in Middlesex, Suffolk, Worcester, and other surrounding counties.  Karen is trained as a family law mediator in compliance with Rule 8 of Massachusetts Rules of Dispute Resolution.  She was also previously on the Essex County Court Appointed Guardian Ad Litem list where she was appointed to investigate child custody, visitation, and parenting issues.

In 2011, Karen made a parental decision temporarily leaving the practice of law. During her leave, she concentrated on the special educational system, special educational laws, and the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) process.  In June 2015, she joined Family Law Practitioners, P.C., as an Associate where she shares a passion with Melissa Dragon to advocate for families who are navigating through the special education system.  Karen recognizes the sensitive and emotional nature of educational matters and the value of amicable resolutions; however, is prepared for cases to proceed to mediation, hearing, or litigation.

Karen graduated from Merrimack College (1993) and from Massachusetts School of Law (1997).   She currently teaches Writing & Legal Reasoning at Massachusetts School of Law.

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Robin HoggardRobin Hoggard, Divorce Mediator

As the firm’s Divorce Mediator, Robin facilitates negotiations, conducts mediations and assists disputing parties throughout the entire settlement process. She has successfully mediated many disputes associated with probate matters including the divorce/separation process, child support, spousal support, visitation, adoption, as well as complex financial issues. In addition to her mediation work, Robin has successfully assisted many cases throughout the entire trial process.

Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience, she is able to provide the direction and encouragement to all parties enabling them to proceed through all phases of the mediation/separation process. From the initial client contact, Robin handles all cases with the utmost compassion, discretion and professionalism paying close attention to every detail involved in each individual case. Robin works collaboratively with opposing counsel and endeavors to seek out creative ways for the parties to reach a mutual resolution. She is always mindful of the needs of the parties and the intricacies of negotiating a just resolution of their issues.

In addition to keeping abreast of current trends, rules and legislation, Robin is currently studying to be an Enrolled Agent, the highest credential awarded by the Internal Revenue Service in the taxation and representation field.

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